The success of our club is built on the effort of volunteers.  Every year we need more than 250 volunteers to contribute hundreds of hours to ensure the success of local, regional, and national events. In 2018, these efforts were recognized with the Bail Bond Award during our annual awards banquet. 

Volunteers are the unsung heroes, the heart and soul of our club. Every month there are several on-the-water and on-shore events, regattas and socials that continue to need volunteers to make these events run smoothly.  

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities include, but not limited to: 

On Shore  

Set up / Clean up  

Food Prep / Bring Food  

Grill Master 

Event Coordination  

Spring Club Clean Up Day  

On the Water 

Race Committee  


Train / Mentor New Crew   


Regatta Sponsors  

New Member Outreach / Welcome New Members  

Volunteer Outreach  

You don't have to be an experienced sailor to serve as a volunteer.  Friends and family members are encouraged to lend a hand as well.  There is something for everyone. 

If you are looking for ways to give back, the first step is to reach out and let us know you are interested. From there we will help coordinate and connect you with the right opportunity. We would love to have you lend a helping hand!  

In addition to these regular events, we are also looking for volunteers to fill the positions listed below. 

Have a particular skill set that you want to share that might not be listed? Click the button below and let us know!  

Race Committee

The Wayzata Yacht Club Race Committee is always looking to provide opportunities for members to join us on the water during club races and regattas. We generally have room for two (2) extra guests on the Signal Boat (Jurisprudence) and one (1) extra guest on the mark set boat (Bailiff) for most races. 

There is a common misconception that volunteers have to have significant experience in running races. Not true! To be the PRO (Principal Race Officer) or Mark Boat Driver, experience is definitely needed, but most of the race management support roles can be handled by anyone with a positive attitude, regardless of experience!

Here are some support roles that almost anyone can help with. Training can be done on the first day!

Take wind readings with a wind stick and compass (for wind direction) or a hand held anemometer (for wind speed.)

Record starting notes and race finishes on score sheets.

Help set and recover race mark anchor lines before and after races.

Report time at the dock is generally 90 minutes before the first scheduled race time each day.


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