Mooring at WYC

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WYC is healthy, and we anticipate strong demand for mooring each season. The current bylaws and policies govern the priority given to members, and the assignment of moorings within the marina. Members are reminded of the following.


Payment of Deposit

If you intend to request a mooring, your $500 mooring deposit MUST be paid by the deadline. (Postmarked/timestamped December 31st of the given year).  This applies even if you are considering the purchase of a boat for next season. If you subsequently choose not to moor with us or because the marina is full, your deposit will be refunded in full. 

Where the deposit is paid on behalf of a partnership each partner must be listed – see note below. Mooring priority will be assigned to the partner with the lowest mooring priority number unless otherwise requested at the time the deposit check is paid.

If you do not pay your deposit by the deadline (December 31st), we will assume you do not intend to moor with us the following year. No reminders will be sent. It is your responsibility to ensure your deposit is paid on time. 

If you do not intend to renew your mooring for the follow year, we’d appreciate if you notify Todd and Andy by December 1st by email. This will help the club plan more efficiently. 

Partnerships can help the Club increase participation and, based on current strong demand, partnership details need to be better understood as follows. 

The bylaws establish a threshold of 10% equity. Members indicating they are in a boat partnership will be asked to spell out the nature of the partnership to include the purchased equity stake, sail purchase agreement and the operating expense sharing arrangement. 

Further, if you are currently in a partnership or applying for mooring as a partner in a boat then that boat should have completed races equal to 6x the number of partners in the preceding season, as per existing bylaws . More participation is in the interests of the club.

In the event the number of members/partnerships properly claiming a mooring priority exceeds the number of slips available, policy number 4, section A, expressly states a member who completes six races while moored in the marina in a season is “guaranteed a dock or buoy in the marina the following year”

Mooring Assignments: Policy 2, section C, states “Slips and buoys will be assigned to make the best use of available space”. A Dock Committee, led by the marina manager,  was established last year for this purpose.  For the purpose of clarification, a member's mooring priority number is one factor, among many, for the purpose of assigning mooring location by the Dock Committee.  Other factors include water depth, draft, how often the boat is raced, and accessibility.  The optimization of the marina for the benefit of all members is a multi-faceted process.

Members are further reminded that the remainder of your mooring fee must be paid by the deadline. Failure to pay on time, will void your mooring priority, and the opportunity to moor in the marina may be assigned to someone else. Click to edit

2023 Mooring Map 

2023 Mooring Rates

Racing Sail Boat $115/foot

Non-Racing Sailboat $265/foot

Power Boat $301/foot

Racer Buoy $1411


The racer rate is only applicable to a boat that attended 15 or more races in the prior season

Powerboat slips require either a Full or Skipper Membership

Examples: Race Boat Overall Length, rounded up to the nearest foot.

22ft $2530

23ft $2645

24ft $2760

25ft $2875

26ft $2990


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