Crew on a Boat


Sailboat crewing is the greatest deal in all of sports!

You don't need expensive equipment, sailing skills, or money to get started.  It's a simple fact of life that all boat owners need crew members.  The pay will rarely exceed refreshments after the race, but the on-the-job training is always free.  

If you decide that you enjoy the experience, after five races Wayzata Yacht Club requires you to become a crew member of the club to help defray expenses (race committee, equipment, building, grounds, and social events).

Fair Warning...

Sailing is a sport for adventurous individuals who deal with circumstances as they arise, and finding a good ride as a crew member is the first step in that process.  But don't worry, there are several common methods to make the process easier, and here they are described below.

Start crewing today.

The Seminar Method

Wayzata Yacht Club hosts a variety of sailing seminars throughout the year, which are featured on our web site.  These are an excellent way to meet boat owners, crew members, and other people interested in sailing.  Sailboat racing mavens from around the lake show up at these events to fight over the top notch rookies looking for a ride.  

All  seminars are suitable for beginner to advanced level sailors.  Nearly all of them are open to the general public, and many of them are free.   View Seminar Schedule.

The Show-N-Go Method

The time honored method of getting a ride is to  simply show up one hour before a Thursday or Sunday race (see schedule) and to start asking around about who needs a hand or to sit at the famous "crew looking for a ride" table on the clubhouse patio.  

While this method is best for people with some sailing experience, a desire to learn is the key element most sailing teams are looking for. An outgoing personality doesn't hurt, either. View Racing Schedule.

The Call First Method

The club Commodore, Manager, and Fleet Captains enjoy nothing more than talking to someone interested in getting involved at the club. They can help you identify an ideal fleet to start with likely know a few names to get you started.

Email the Commodore or Manager to learn more. You can also go straight to the individual Fleet Captains who oversee each fleet. 


Before Thursday and Sunday series races the "crew looking for a ride" table on the front patio is always reserved for new sailors. 

Look for the blue sign that says "Crew Looking for Rides". This is as a more refined version of the Show-n-Go method. 


Race-day parking can be very crowded at Wayzata Yacht Club.  Visitor parking is available in the east parking lot next to County Road 101.  Street parking is available to the west of the club (if the east lot is full).  Parking directly across from the club is reserved for vehicles with trailers.  

As a general rule, parking is very limited on race nights so plan on a couple minute walk to the club from downtown Wayzata. Please, always respect our neighbors. 

View Map and Directions of WYC Club and Parking.


Need Crew or Looking to Crew? There’s a FREE App for that.

Originally tested by members of the J/22 fleet, WYC is trying out the GoSailing App to connect sailboats with available crew. Using the app you can post crew requests for upcoming races, browse sailboats looking for crew, message your skipper and crew members and more. GoSailing is very easy to use and offers two-way communication without giving your telephone number and email address to the everyone. A no-cost app, there is no membership required. Wayzata Yacht Club has already been added as a club location. 

Website The app is available on the Apple Store and Google Play


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