Capri 25 Fleet Fleet #0


The WYC Capri 25 fleet is the largest Capri 25 fleet in the world. The Capri 25 is a one-design fleet of masthead keelboats that perform well in all kinds of weather conditions. Designed for southern California breeze, the boat is capable of moving well even in light air. In heavy wind, this boat is a handful. Typical crew is anywhere from 4 to 6 people consisting of a helmsman, trimmer, pit, foredeck, and tailor.

Star of the North Regatta

The STAR OF THE NORTH Regatta is the largest Capri 25 One Design Regatta in the World.  It is held the second or third weekend in September and has up to 10 races over Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  2022 had 20 Capri 25's on the line and three great days of racing.

GREAT CLIPS is the proud sponsor of Star of the North Regatta September 8-10,2023, which is the largest annual regatta hosted by Wayzata Yacht Club!

September 8th, 9th and 10th.

2023 Registration Page


Fleet CaptainDan McNamara       
Secretary         Kimberly Knish
Treasurer          Kathie Wright
Rules ChairNils Brennom
Technical ChairDan McNamara
Social ChairCarmen Velarde
Awards ChairTodd Myers

WYC Capri 25 Fleet Rules

Current Rules:

Draft Rules:  Changes (other then formatting) are in RED and may have a comment next to them.  If you have a concern please contact Nils, Dan M or Mark W.

Capri 25 One Design WYC Fleet Rules 2023 draft.pdf

Prior Rules:

WYC Capri 25 Fleet History

It all started one day when Dallas was standing at the end of WYC’s Dock C with Larry Aubuchon and David Onan, then Commodore and Vice Commodore, respectively.  “We talked about an article in Sailing World magazine, which focused on one-design fleet racing and how neat it was", Dallas said.  Then we talked about the number of Capri 25’s racing in the handicap fleet and thought we could probably turn that into a new one-design fleet. We agreed to give it a try and made a deal.

Those two guys said they would take care of the process and the politics of making a new fleet work at our yacht club, and I would do all the grunt work.  Somehow that sounded like a great idea at the time, especially tapping into something our members were excited about and wanted.  This was my first really big project, after joining the club, and I became captain of the fleet.  What a great memory.

2022 WYC Capri 25 Awards

Capri of the Year

  Code Blue

Most Improved


Moxi Award

  Barb Speltz

Most Valuable Crew

  Sue Truax

Smoozability Award

  Carre O’Connor

Rookie Boat of the Year

  50 shades/Loosecrew

Rookie Crew of the Year

  Andy Prehn

Overboard Trophy

  Harvey Kalweit

Photos Provided by Dallas Johnson

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