WYC Crane Operating Procedures

Crane Use Guidelines


The crane operator is fully responsible for the equipment and people around the crane.  This crane is rated for 12,000 lbs. It has powered up/down - boom in/out - and powered rotation. Several buttons are multi speed. Please familiarize yourself with crane operation before use.

Before Operating the Crane

Never operate if “Out of Order” or “Do not operate” tag is on control panel.

The crane is not reliable in temperatures below 40 degrees.

Using the crane in heavy rain or in snow conditions or in winds over 20 mph is not recommended

Inspect crane and all rigging before moving under load

Use correct straps for your boat, see listing below

Boats with sharp bows and sterns (like a Cape Dory Typhon) require a line connecting lifting straps

Do not use signal point lift unless you are familiar with the characteristics of lifting your boat by this method

Operating the Crane

Input code, wait for beep, then press green start button

Wait 30 seconds before operating controls.

Do not lift a boat without at least 2 people present.

Do not lift a boat with twisted or kinked straps or with chain twisted.

Lift loads vertically. An unbalanced load is dangerous. Make sure the rigging/strong back is centered over the load both port/starboard and fore/aft.

Apply power steadily to avoid jerking especial when rotating to or from the water. Abrupt starting and stopping will cause the load to swing.

Repeated starting and stopping of controls can and has damaged the connectors on the top of the crane

The controls are variable speeds. Push buttons further for faster motion

Take your time, crane use is not a buoy race.

Never lift with people under or on a boat/load.

Use bow and stern lines to control the motion of the boat.

The crane is normally set up to run for 20 minutes before turning off.  If you are done with the use of the crane, turn it off with the RED Stop button

Never leave the crane running unattended.

Storing the Crane

Move the hook to 1 foot below the full up position

Move the lift motor under the rain cover

Point the boom Northeast towards brick residential house (formerly white) so it's less visible and ready for next boat

Put lift straps away by rolling them up, keep them out of the sun in the black bins whether they are wet or dry.


Overnight storage of boats on trailers is not allowed (by city permits) on club property.

Backing into the lift area, lifting the boat, and then pulling the trailer out from under the boat, is often the fastest and best way to launch your boat.

If others are waiting to use the lift, please finish using the lift as soon as possible.

Rigging Strap Lengths


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