WYC Membership

The Wayzata Yacht Club is a non-profit sailboat racing club that is owned and operated by its members.  A paid membership is required for racing your boat at WYC. See below for 2023 membership rates.

Full Membership 


Full membership is appropriate for those intending to race a boat, moor at the club docks, and vote on club issues.  Full memberships include your spouse and young children.

Upon joining, or upgrading membership status, a one-time $400 membership certificate must be purchased.

Annual Membership 


Annual memberships (formerly known as Skipper memberships) are popular for sailors who do not own a boat, but wish to regularly act as the required "member-on-board".

Additionally, all equity holders in boat partnerships are required to be Annual or Full Members

Annual members are not eligible to vote or earn mooring points at the club.

Crew Membership $115

Crew membership provides sailors who crew or skipper small boats at WYC with club mailings, a club parking permit, access to club grounds and facilities, and guilt-free access to refreshments after the race.

Crew members may also act as the "member-on-board" on a limited basis as noted in the Notice of Race eligibility and entry (section 2.2.2).

A crew membership is required after participating in 5 races.

Membership Benefit Summary

Voting PrivilegesX
Spouse MembershipX
Children Under 25 MembershipX
Qualify as "Member on Board" for racingXXX***X
Mooring PriorityX
West Lot ParkingXX
East Lot ParkingXXXX
Host non-sailing events at YCX
Own a partnership interest in moored boatX
Personal use of groundsXXXX
Complementary Beverages after racing

* Individual racing members of an association must be a member of WYC and follow member rules.
** Required after five races.
*** Up to 3 races
Please see club bylaws for membership details.


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