Fleet Email Lists

Wayzata Yacht Club has several email list servers that are used for communication within the club.  Anyone is welcome to join these lists.

The Weathermark list is for receiving club news and announcements.  The individual fleet lists are discussion forums where any list member can send mail to the entire list.

Use the links below to sign up for individual lists, send a message, or modify your user information.  Don't forget to update your mailing address if you move.  It's up to YOU to maintain your membership status.

To send a message to a fleet list, simply use the address listed on each list's subscription page, and send your message from the same email account where you receive your list messages. 

List of Lists

Sign UpDescription
WeathermarkFor ALL WYC Members: General News and Info
AISApostle Islands Station  Discussion list
Capri25Capri 25 Fleet #0  Discussion list
EnsignEnsign Fleet  Discussion list
J22J22 Fleet #1 Discussion list
J24J24 Fleet #1 Discussion list
S2 7.9S2 7.9 Fleet #26 Discussion list
SonarSonar Fleet Discussion list
PHRFPHRF Fleet Discussion list
MORCMORC Fleet #40 Discussion list
J70J70 Discussion List
Restricted Membership Lists
RegattaWYC Regatta Organizers -  Restricted Membership
FleetsFleet Captains, RC, and Scoring for WYC - Restricted Membership
BoardWYC Board Members - Restricted Membership

What is a List Server?

A list server is a "group" e-mail address that allows individuals to independently subscribe or unsubscribe to the e-mail group. Once subscribed to a Fleet List, members can communicate topics of fleet interest to to the entire fleet by simply using the appropriate e-mail address.  The Weathermark List is a "receive only" list intended for announcements to the entire club, only the administrator can send messages.

Appropriate Use

The WYC also asks that you refrain from personal attacks, inappropriate language, and overt commercialism via the e-mail list servers.  Your e-mail address remains private and is not available to junk mailers from a list server.


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