Team Racing Regatta March 27-28, 2011. Galveston, TX
WYC Hosting Team Racing Sept 1 (Fri) and Oct 1-2, 2011
If you are racing the North American's the weekend before, you have an option of joining the wonderful world of Team Racing.   Stay tuned for more information!

WYC Sonar Sailors Compete in Team Racing Regatta March 27-28, 2011

Twelve sailors from Wayzata Yacht Club Sonar Fleet 5 competed in a Team Racing event held at the Texas Corinthian Yacht Club.  It was a welcome relief from the winter weather in Minnesota to get on the water in Galveston Bay and sail in 80 degree weather with blue skies overhead.

WYC Sonar Team Racing Program
The WYC Sonar Fleet has been working on their team racing skills over the last few years.  Our first event was at the Texas Corinthian Yacht Club in the fall of 2007.  We had never team raced before and only had classroom instruction on the rules and plays.  We came away from our first team racing event humbled with no wins.  However, the experience gave us determination and we made a commitment to each other that we would improve in our team racing skills and come back to compete another day.

Since the fall of 2007, we’ve held practices in Wayzata Bay and have attended and hosted team racing events.  Our hard work was rewarded in 2008 when Wayzata won a team racing event in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.  Winning in Sheboygan gave us the encouragement needed to keep training and working toward winning against the teams that beat us handily back in 2007.

Texas Shootout Team Racing Regatta
Our chance to see how we measured up came in late March this year.  Five teams traveled to Galveston Bay to compete including; Wayzata, Rochester, Noroton, Marblehead and the host team Texas.  

Day One

On the first day the winds were ideal for team racing – 10 to 15 mph with minimal wave action.  Each team was outfitted in 3 Sonar sailboats and raced against each of the other teams in a round robin format.  After the first day of competition, Wayzata was in 3rd place with a record of 4 wins and 4 losses.  One of the highlights of the day was having 2 wins against the team from Noroton, Connecticut.  There were several close races which came down to the wire and were often won or lost in the last few feet of the race.  After racing ended for the day, teams were rewarded with a beer stop halfway down the “world’s longest dock” which is a quarter mile long, on the way back to the club.  We all stopped to quench our thirst, tell lies and make new friends with the other teams.

Day Two
The wind lightened up on the 2nd day of competition and backed a little bit to the east with a 5-8 mph velocity.  We were slow off the starts and weren’t able to win any of our matches for the day. Someone on the team suggested that perhaps our celebratory mood the day before carried on too late into the night and early morning.

In the end, it is what happens on the water that matters and we just didn’t get the job done on day two.  The final result is WYC placed 4th for the event.  What we took away from the regatta is renewed confidence in knowing that we can compete with some of the best Sonar teams around.  And we made a lot of new friends in the process.    

Team Wayzata for Texas Shootout 2011 - Tom Brown, Hans Dickel, Kathy Fossen, Marty Fossen, Brenda Gensch, Tim Krech, Mike Maloney, Duane Olmsted, Sarah Olmsted, Jason Ostbye,  John Rainaldi and John Sligh
First Annual WYC Sonar Team Racing Invitational Regatta -Oct 1-3 2010

 by John Sligh,  fleet captain Sonar fleet #5 WYC:


Sonar Fleet #5 of the Wayzata Yacht Club hosted it's first invitational team racing regatta on October 1-3.  There were a total of 9 boats entered including two from Canada.  Each day teams were selected by three captains who were assigned prior to the start of the regatta.  Racing was set-up in a round robin format where three teams of 3 boats sailed against each other in a series of races in Wayzata Bay.  Two teams sailed against each other while the third team sat out and observed.  A total of 20 races were sailed by each boat who kept track of their win/loss record for the regatta. 
In team racing, two teams sail against each other and keep track of the finishes of each team member.  There are several possible winning combinations and the team with a point score of 10 points or less wins the race.  For example, a 1st, 2nd and 5th which adds up to 8 points wins.  Or a 10 point combination of 2nd, 3rd and 5th is also a winner.  Team racing requires that boats work together to slow down the other team and move ahead for a winning combination.
The weekend conditions were fantastic for team racing.  Moderate winds, blue sky and well set courses made it enjoyable for everyone.  There were several close races which weren't decided until the last leg and in some cases came down to the last few feet of the race.
This regatta was set-up as a competitive regatta and clinic to improve the team racing skills of everyone involved.  Debriefs were conducted after the races and Kattack was used on each boat for further analysis. 
On behalf of Sonar Fleet 5, we'd like to thank Bert and Carmella Foster for organizing the regatta, the J24 Fleet for providing the socials after the racing in conjunction with the U Gotta Regatta and the race committee, Jarod Silverman and Mark Keifer for setting up superb courses.  

Sheboygan Team Racing Regatta Sept 28-30 2009


To help prepare for the regatta, several members of the WYC Sonar Fleet 5 practiced team racing drills throughout the summer with the help of Blake Middleton. In a previous life, Blake was Coach of the Stanford University Sailing Team. Their practice paid off as Team Wayzata won the regatta in the final against Team Sheboygan.

Three teams competed at the Sheboygan Invitational Team Clinic and Regatta – Wayzata, Canada and Sheboygan. The Sailing Center owns 8 Sonars but in order to have three teams racing we needed a 9th Sonar. Bert Foster trailered in Captain Hook to round out the fleet. Bert’s wife Carmella and Ernest Brody set up and launched Captain Hook. Teams arrived on Thursday afternoon to launch boats and do a little shakedown cruise. Cocktails and appetizers followed at the yacht club. Friday was a practice day for the teams followed by a debriefing by Coach Ken Legler, Head Coach of the Tufts Sailing Team. Ken provided valuable instruction to the entire group throughout the weekend on the nuances of team racing strategy, tactics and rules.

The three teams competed in a series of round robins to determine who would make it into the finals. The top two teams would compete in a best of five series after all the round robins were completed.

Competition started on Saturday in a Northwesterly wind of 15-20 mph. There were a lot of close races and everyone was trying to figure out the competition. Sheboygan showed early dominance and Canada rallied after lunch winning 4 races to put them in contention to make it into the final.

On Sunday morning the wind clocked to the Northeast which brought 3 to 4 foot swells and winds of
10 – 15 mph. Team Wayzata had a huddle before racing began and decided to change their starting strategy from “one boat start on the boat end, one in the middle and one at the pin” to – “get a good start, sail fast and go from there”. The strategy paid off. Team Wayzata rallied to win 3 races in a row and make it into the “Best of 5” final against Team Sheboygan. Team Canada watched the final from the coach and umpire boats and listened to Coach Ken Legler’s commentary on the radio about the plays that were developing on the race course.

In the final, Wayzata won the first race against Sheboygan. In the 2nd race, Sheboygan rallied and won the race to tie-up the series 1 to 1. In the third race, the race was close ending in a 5 boat pile up at the finish line. When the dust settled, one of the umpire boats informed a boat from Sheboygan that they had fouled a Wayzata boat near the finish line and had to re-finish. This infraction gave Sheboygan a losing combination and put Wayzata up 2-1. In the 4th and final race, Team Sheboygan had created a wedge at the start with two of their boats on either side of Wayzata boat #5. The Wayzata boat was an innocent victim with nowhere to go. To make things more interesting, Mark Kochendorfer from Wayzata fell overboard trying to clear a competitor’s boom from the forestay and get clear. The penalty against the windward Sheboygan boat that failed to keep clear was fair and immediate. An umpire watching the mayhem required the guilty Sheboygan boat to do penalty spins until Mark could get back on board and sail on their way. One of the other Sheboygan boats who helped create the incident retired. The other two Wayzata boats had a clean start and finished in a winning combination of 1st and 2nd place to seal the victory for Wayzata in the final over Sheboygan with a score of 3 wins and 1 loss.

Results after Day 1 Results after Day 2 Final
Team Sheboygan 5 wins, 3 losses Team Sheboygan 7 wins, 4 losses WYC 3 wins, 1 loss
Team Canada 4 wins, 4 losses Team Wayzata 6 wins, 5 losses SYC 1 win, 3 losses
Team Wayzata 3 wins, 5 losses Team Canada 4 wins, 7 losses

It was a great weekend of sailing and learning about team racing. Sonar Fleet 5 will continue to practice their Team Racing skills and compete next year in Sheboygan to battle it out on Lake Michigan with other teams.

Team Wayzata
WYC Boat #4 – John Rainaldi, Ernest Brody, Becca Lundberg
WYC Boat #5 – Marty Fossen, Kathy Fossen, Mark Kochendorfer
WYC Boat #6 – John Sligh, Liz Sligh, Jeff Harris

Team Canada
CYA Boat “Captain Hook” – Bert Foster, Carmella Foster, Leonard MacKinnan
CYA Boat #7 – Tom Brown, Dan Hollinger, Chandra Wobschall Millner
CYA Boat # 8 – Fred Finlayson, Jim Fogg, Rob Eby

Team Sheboygan
SYC Boat #1 – Hans Graf and Crew
SYC Boat # 2 – Albert, Rachel and Max of Tufts Sailing Team
SYC Boat # 3 – Greg, Duane Olmsted and Crew

What is a Sonar and what is team racing?

Wikipedia on team racing:


The Sonar:

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