Thursday Parking Update

Both lots are open and accessible from the east and west. The lower east (crew) lot will be reserved for WYC crew members with current membership stickers, and guests will be directed to the top lot (space permitting).

Arlington Lane is no longer available for parking.

Please be prepared to park uptown and carpool if you arrive after the lower crew lot is full.

As always, please do not park in the Village shops lots or on residential streets in front of houses.

Polish and Engrave Your Traveling Trophies

Please deliver your POLISHED and ENGRAVED trophies to WYC by November 7.

Engraving drop-off:
Minnesota Trophies & Gifts
1814 Main Street
Hopkins MN 55343
Phone: (952) 933-1596


We are excited to bring you this series called ROUNDINGS where we will review the incredible history of our club. In each issue we will share an excerpt from one of the stories we are compiling that focus on our history, culture and how each of these influential members had a vision for the future. From the inception of the WYC there has been a core cultural commitment to be focused on racing, with a dedication to fun; the tag line to our 50th celebration.

ROUNDINGS will take us from the start and build on how each member’s involvement has supported our campaign to meet the next 50 years of challenges.

We hope you enjoy these essays as we look to where we have been, how we have been influenced by that legacy and where it will take us.

Remember to tell us your story so that it too can be known as part of our history. To do so, please TAKE THE SURVEY and fill in your most favorite moments. We look forward to seeing your uploaded images you collected over the years too!

Randy Gould, Commodore

If you are interested in the whole story, as well as pictures and timelines, please visit WYC HISTORY site in the coming weeks where we will make all this available.

2015 Commodore's Letter Addressing 50th Anniversary

Dear Member:

We are excited to announce that 2015 is the 50 Year Anniversary of Racing at the WYC!  A core group have been busy coordinating this yearlong celebration and collecting information related to our history. 


Last fall we established a committee with the primary goal to gather information that documents the history of our club.  This collection of personal stories, key milestones, and other documentation was started by bringing together the founders of our club.  Their essays will be released over the year to give us a widening perspective of our unique history and tell a story of how a few individuals’ interest in sailing out of Wayzata Bay resulted in the incredibly diverse membership focused on competitive sailing.

We know that this background is only a small part of who we are and that is why we will be looking to you, our members, to help us tell the full story.  We have developed an area within the WYC website dedicated to capturing special moments.  Here you will find a brief survey that will help us understand better why the WYC is important to you and how you came to this club to enjoy sport.  Please take a moment to share those thoughts at  With only a few minutes of your time, we will be able to enrich our half century story and capture the culture that drives our membership.  In this survey you will find links to a blog where you may also download images that we will archive.


In appreciation of our members and their commitment to our club’s success, we have an exciting year in store with scheduled events all based around this 50 year celebration: 

 §        Our Spring Kick-off will bring us together to meet and greet new members

 §        The Bob Slocum Family Regatta will be themed to celebrate multi-generations of family and friends who come together in competition and fun

 §        Wine on Wayzata Bay will be hosted in support the Wayzata Community Sailing Center and the skills they teach for our sports longevity

 §        Participation in the James J Hill Days celebrating our involvement in this community

 §        A 50th Celebration race events and Regatta this fall, epitomizing the reason we exist

 §        Ending the year with a fabulous wrap-up at our Annual Banquet

 Watch for announcements in the WeatherMark for information about each of these celebratory events.


We have in the making great items that will memorialize this year’s milestone; branded gear, limited addition wine, documents that tell our story and many other items, all denoted with a unique 50 year logo. 

With so much going on, we want you all to know that there are many opportunities to get involved.  If interested, please feel free to let us know when you fill out the survey.  So, congratulations on 50 years of great sailing and community building; we look forward to what the next 50 will bring! 


Commodore's Letter Link


Road Construction Update

Lake Minnetonka Detour Map 

Construction Closures and Schedules:

More information.

Wayzata Community Sailing Center


JJ Hill Days
Come join us at Wayzata's city wide festival coming this September 11th, 12th, and 13th. We'll have a booth, but come by and join us and our float for the parade on Sunday! The only thing better than a parade is being in a parade.

HS Sailing
All HS sailing registrations are open. Please visit our registration site for more information.

WYC Ship's Store

HVisit WYC Ship Storeow about some WYC Clothing

Wayzata Ranked Top 
U.S. Sailing Town

Sailing World magazine has ranked the City of Wayzata a top sailing town in the nation.

Our busy racing schedule, commitment to youth sailing and our community sailing center, our four season sailing, and great social community all contributed to the ranking.

Congratulations to everyone on...well...being you. 

Read the entire story:  
Sailing World

No Really, it's true: 
LakeShore Weekly News

Wazyata Bay - Live

Wine On Wayzata Bay

Wine Tasting and Fundraiser Annually in June

The Burton Cupis also theMS Cup 


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