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WYC S2 7.9 Fleet


Built by S2 Yachts, in Holland Michigan, the S2 7.9 meter yacht was designed by Scott Graham & Eric Schlageter and was originally put into production in 1981. The original production run lasted thru 1986 with additional limited edition builds occurring in 1990 & 1993. Approximately 550 hulls have been built.

The 7.9 is a stable, stiff, fractionally rigged sloop. Along with it's open spacious interior, retractable keel, and deck stepped mast, the trailerable 7.9 is exceptionally well suited for both racing and cruising.

Fleet Captain: Tom Elsen:  612.703.7279

September 6, 2012
Notes from S2 7.9 fleet meeting

Hello everyone.

After some good discussion, and a quick fleet meeting tonight, here are the conclusions and news.

1) Our fleet will "Throw Our Hat In the Ring" to host the 2013 Class Championship  Target date is mid September.

2) The fleet will try to buy and repair a broken mast to use as a spare. This would be stored locally and available to any fleet member who needs it.

3) Bruce Marcus and Chuck Hutchinson will coordinate the S2 7.9 Chili Lunch for the Frostbite Cup on October 27.

Let's make this great!

Every boat will be expected to provide at least a couple of 'volunteers'

Bruce and Chuck will make assignments.

4a) We've become a bit lax in our enforcement of class rules. So.....

4b) Plenty of people have skated on the requirement that we're all members of the national class association.

Please PAY UP AND GET YOUR STICKER.  Even if this has slipped down the priority list for a bunch of years, it's just $35.

If you want, there are some forms in the back of the protest box in the club.

Fill out the form. Give it, and your check, to Tom Elsen Saturday or Sunday. he'll get stickers next week at the regatta.

4c) Be...certain... you have your corrector weight aboard. Any doubt about the correct amount? Consult the class rules and / or call Tom Elsen.

4d) If you've chosen NOT to carry your cushions, be equally certain that you have the appropriate additional corrector weight. 


5) The Star of the North Regatta is a GREAT deal. If you've got crew

without a boat, or you need crew email or call Pete Bergin.

6) The fleet captain will ask for all of your crew emails, later. These will be used only for our fleet communications.

Thanks and Happy Sailing.

April 20, 2008
S2 7.9 Sailing Tips


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