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Race Week - 29 June - 3 July 2015


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field Race Week is the centrepiece of the AIS season: a week long festival of sailing on the South Shore of Lake Superior. The event surrounds the 4th of July, and attracts boats and crews all points of the compass, including: Canada, Florida, Duluth, and the Twin Cities.

Race week itself kicks-off on Sunday evening with registration.  Racing starts at 1100 each day, with multiple fleets. Depending on conditions, up to three races may be run in a day.

Post race entertainment starts with the social at the Pavilion each night, with prizes, and continues on throughout the week. Bayfield in the mid summer is a lively place with many unique dining and live music options.

Bayfield Race Week 2014 Wrap-up
Bayfield Race Week 2014 showed great growth, with 48 registered boats, up from 39 last year, and the best in a long time. Boats travelled from Thunder Bay, Duluth and Houghton, as well as strong local participation.

The Mid Distance and the entry level, Jib and Main class were popular due to fewer crew requirements, more interesting courses, one race per day, and good competition.

Buoy Fleet: 10 boats
Mid-Distance A and B Fleets: 12 boats
Mid-Distance C Fleet: 10 boats
New Jib and Main Fleet: 4 boats

Racing on Monday was cancelled due to strong winds, over 40 knots at the dock! The wind died steadily over the week but recovered nicely on Friday with steady 10-13 knots.

The Around the Islands Race included 30+ knot winds, driving rain, and calm, as well as the usual, agonizing decision: stay close to the islands at the Outer Island versus go outside. The outside option paid off better! The first boats finished about midnight, with the remainder coming in until about 5:00 AM.

Around-the-Island race results
Bayfield Race Week results. 

Photo Copyright Mark Puariea - Many more great  images here 

Mount Gay Rum
We’re delighted to announce Mount Gay Rum will, once again, sponsor the post race social events at the Pavilion each day.

Summit Brewing Company
We’re happy to announce Summit Brewing has agreed to donate Pale Ale to help lubricate our post race celebrations!  All racers are welcome to join us at the Pavilion after racing each day.

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