Thursday, November 26, 2015
2015 Schedule Summary
Spring Series - May 23-25

Around-the-Islands - Jun 27
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Bayfield Race Week - Jun 29-Jul 3

Silver Bay Scramble - Aug 22*

Fall Series - Sep 5-7

Single/Double Hander - Sep 12*

Dobson Cup Regatta - Sep 26-27

*Not part of championship series

LSYA Offshore Series (See LSYA NOR for details)
  • June 20th Duluth to Bayfield
  • June 27th Around the Islands - Register
  • July 25th International ­ Thunder Bay to Houghton
  • Aug 1st Trans Superior - Register

Other Events:
  • July 11th Chicago Mac
  • July 18th Port Huron Mac
  • July 25th Harbor Spring
2015 Fleet Dues

Posted 3/27/15

Greetings fellow sailors,

The ice on lake Superior is melting rapidly.  The fishing fleet has broken free into open water, and some owners and crews have already made their first visit of the season.

It's time for everyone to pay their fleet dues of $300.  Remember no one gets scored without having paid up in advance of racing.

Boat Name/Number

Ladies Race Week Cotton Tee-Shirts – Half Price

Last year, we had lots of requests for Ladies shirts. We listened and bought lots.  Now we have a few left over.  So, if yours got dirty, or you want an extra one, or you just want a souvenir; order here/now.  Collect from Andy (the English guy on Angisina/RedCoat) at WYC on Thursday evening.



Doc Sam Award
Letter to my friends:

Doc Sam Award:
It can be hard to find the words to express one's thoughts on the spot for this tremendous recognition from our community. I'll try here.
Ever since my first time racing on Q with Charlie Erickson, on the Trans, I was hooked. All those years sailing with Charlie, the Bagwan, Braff, Creature, Fatty Matty, Caroline, Bill, Pat, Nancy, Dave, Charlie Brown, Scooter, Gumby, Jim, Chris, Valerie and many others on various boats from the Trans to the Macs to the Fastnet and the ARC were filled with lessons and memories. Owning Q with Dave, Steve P, Eric and Steve R was a great period for the boat and me. We took good care of her and learned a lot. The learning has continued on Chase . . . our group is awesome. As we all know, our home club, WYC, is a remarkable place nationwide for growing in this sport.
This community of ours; passionate, incredibly competent sailors, are our best friends as well as competitors. On Lake Superior, they may save your life. The intensity and complexity of the sport, the risks, the fun create memories and bonds that are more important than results and are hard to experience elsewhere.
I think that is why we are all so dedicated!
My heartfelt thanks.

Charlie Schroeder
Bayfield Race Week - 2015
Congratulations to; Chewbacca, Hobbs, Kestrel, Stawman, Goombay Smash, and Mon Amie for winning their respective fleets.  

Full results are posted here

For those who want to relive their triumphs or tantrums around the race course, Kattack generously donated their service for the event. Click here to select the race.

Find a Ride
Big boats need big crews, so there are always opportunities for you. 

Four ways to connect are: 

  1. Via the new Crew/Boat finder page
  2. Via email to
  3. Via the AIS email server.  Register here: then follow the instructions.  
  4. Many of the fleet have their own websites, where you can register to crew. Google is your friend.

Be honest about your experience, and what you want to get out of the experience.  Hope to see on the starting line. :  Join the fleet list server and you, too, can send out messages to the entire fleet. 
Notice of Race for 2015 Season

Consider this your invitation to join the Apostle Island Station of the Wayzata Yacht Club for the 2015 season. This Notice of Race (NOR) includes all 2015 Season events, excluding ATI and Race Week.  Download your copy here.

 AIS Season - NOR    |    Around The Islands - NOR    |    Bayfield Race Week - NOR

Fleet Captain: 
David Crum 

Buoy Fleet: 

Mid Distance / Jib-and-Main: 
Pete Shelquist

Race Judge 
Corey Bakken 

Buoy Racing

This option features action packed races around buoys laid by the race committee. Races are typically two or three laps around a 1.5-2.0 nautical mile course, and take about an hour. At the discretion of the Race Officer, the course may be a medium distance course around local attractions and/or aids to navigation. Two or three races per day are common.  Yachts are typically in the 30-50 foot, and can complete equitably; yachts are assigned a handicap rating – either via a Lake Michigan PHRF certificate, or one assigned by the Race Committee.

Mid-Distance (MD) and Jib-and-Main (JAM)

Yachts in this fleet eschew rounding buoys in favor of racing though paradise around islands and along shorelines. Some sailors find Mid-distance racing an easier point of entry into the sport.  The fleet is further sub divided into yachts that prefer to race with a spinnaker, and those with more cruising oriented yachts, who those who would prefer a more leisurely experience.  Some are family programs with kids; while others with more experience, race shorthanded with their spouse.  Yachts of all shapes, sizes, and ages, can complete equitably; yachts are assigned a handicap rating – either via a Lake Michigan PHRF certificate, or one assigned by the Race Committee.

Race Week


NOTICE OF RACE - Published 4/29/15  |  Register TODAY 

field Race Week is the centrepiece of the AIS season: a week long festival of sailing on the South Shore of Lake Superior. The event surrounds the 4th of July, and attracts boats and crews all points of the compass, including: Canada, Florida, Duluth, and the Twin Cities.

Race week itself kicks-off on Sunday evening with registration.  Racing starts at 1100 each day, with multiple fleets. Depending on conditions, up to three races may be run in a day.

Post race entertainment starts with the social at the Pavilion each night, with prizes, and continues on throughout the week. Bayfield in the mid summer is a lively place with many unique dining and live music options.

Fleet Captain: David Crum, Webmaster:Andy Spence-Parsons
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