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2014 Schedule Summary
Spring Series 5 Races
May 24th-26th
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Around the Islands Race
June 28th - 1000 start
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Bayfield Race Week
Summer Series 10 Races
June 30th - July 4th
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Fall Series 5 Races
Aug 30th-Sep 1st
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Single/double handed race
Sept 13th (Combined with Bayfield Cup for Frostbite Series)
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MW Dobson Regatta
(featuring the Bayfield Cup)
Sept 20th-21st
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Offshore Series
All 10:00 CDT start except as noted

Duluth to Bayfield
June 21st
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Around the Islands
June 28th      
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Silver Bay Scramble
July 19th
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International Race
Thunder Bay to Houghton

Aug 4th
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Houghton to Bayfield
Aug 7th
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Bayfield Medium Distance
Aug 9th
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Other Events
June 21st
Safety-at-Sea Seminar
Pikes Bay Marina
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July 12th
Port Huron to Mackinac

July 19th
Chicago to Mac

July 26th
Harbor Springs 

Thunder Bay Intl PHRF Regatta
Aug 2nd
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Bayfield Race Week Wrap-up
Bayfield Race Week 2014 showed great growth, with 48 registered boats, up from 39 last year, and the best in a long time. Boats travelled from Thunder Bay, Duluth and Houghton, as well as strong local participation.

The Mid Distance and the entry level, Jib and Main class were popular due to fewer crew requirements, more interesting courses, one race per day, and good competition.

Buoy Fleet: 10 boats
Mid-Distance A and B Fleets: 12 boats
Mid-Distance C Fleet: 10 boats
New Jib and Main Fleet: 4 boats

Racing on Monday was cancelled due to strong winds, over 40 knots at the dock! The wind died steadily over the week but recovered nicely on Friday with steady 10-13 knots.

The Around the Islands Race included 30+ knot winds, driving rain, and calm, as well as the usual, agonizing decision: stay close to the islands at the Outer Island versus go outside. The outside option paid off better! The first boats finished about midnight, with the remainder coming in until about 5:00 AM.

Around-the-Island race results
Bayfield Race Week results. 

Photo Copyright Mark Puariea - Many more great  images here 

2013/2014 Winter
The boats may be put way for the season. But its never too early to dream of soft water, and start planning your 2014 racing campaign.

2014 schedule is posted here. UPDATED 27th Jan

Notice-of-Race - Updated 3/19/14

So…. You’re interested in racing the Great Lakes!
So…. You’re interested in racing the Great Lakes!

Welcome to AIS! We are committed to a comprehensive racing schedule, excellent race management, and testing conditions on the greatest of the Great Lakes. The schedule comprises more than twenty races over: Memorial Day, Race Week around July 4th, Labor Day and the final weekend in September. In addition, there are offshore races, including the legendary Trans Superior. Competitive racing is assured. Courses are a combination of windward/leeward, medium distance, and point-to-point, so there is something for everyone. 
  • Own a boat and need Crew? We have you covered!
  • Are you a crew looking for a ride? Let us help you get to race a big boat!

New for 2013; Crew and Owner handbooks
New for 2013; Crew and Owner handbooks.  Each pamphlet is designed to provide boat owners and their crew with the relevant information you will need to enjoy your experience in Bayfield, including; schedule of events, recommended gear list, directions, dining options, and contact information.  Download and circulate your copy today.

Boat Owner Handbook    Crew Handbook 
 Download   Download

Official Notice Board
All official amendments to SI’s will be posted here by 10:00 on the day of race.

2014 Fleet Dues
Posted 4/04/14
Greetings fellow sailors,

The ice on lake Superior is melting rapidly.  At present the ice is only 4-5  feet thick.  The ice road to the island is closed.

It's time for everyone to pay their fleet dues of $300.  Remember no one gets scored without having paid up in advance of racing.

Boat Name/Number

J105 For Sale By Owner

J105 For Sale By Owner

Boat Name: Miss J
Location: Bayfield
Price: $80,000 or best offer

651-260-7224 or 715-779-5580

Find a Ride
Big boats need big crews, so there are always opportunities for you. 

Three ways to connect are: 
  1. Via email to
  2. Via the AIS email server.  Register here: then follow the instructions.  
  3. Many of the fleet have their own websites, where you can register to crew.  Click here.

Be honest about your experience, and what you want to get out of the experience.  Hope to see on the starting line. :  Join the fleet list server and you, too, can send out messages to the entire fleet. 

Superior Lake Levels

Photo Gallery

AIS Photo Gallery


Welcome to the Apostle Islands Station of the Wayzata Yacht Club, on the shores of Lake Superior, in Bayfield, Wisconsin.  The WYC is committed to the promotion of sailboat racing competition! The AIS extends this commitment with a comprehensive racing schedule, excellent race management, and testing conditions on the greatest of the Great Lakes.

The schedule comprises more than 20 races over: Memorial Day, Bayfield Race Week (around 4th July), Labor Day, and a final weekend in late September.   In addition, there are offshore races, including the legendary Trans Superior.  Competitive racing is assured, as the yachts from 35' to 53' use LMPHRF (Lake Michigan Performance Handicap Racing Fleet) ratings. Courses are a combination of Windward/Leeward, medium distance, and point-to-point, so there is something for everyone.

Crew opportunities are always available, at all levels of experience from novice beginner, to experienced sea-dog, and everything in between.  Check out the fleet page.  The fleet captain can connect you with skippers looking for crew.

Our Playground

Bayfield is located on the South Shore of Lake Superior, just 4-1/2 hours from the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St.Paul.  The Apostle Islands are sometimes referred to as Jewels of Lake Superior - Along windswept beaches and cliffs, visitors experience where water meets land and sky, culture meets culture, and past meets present. The 21 islands and 12 miles of mainland host a unique blend of cultural and natural resources.  Lighthouses shine over Lake Superior and the new wilderness areas.

Social Scene

After a hard day on the water, you can imagine the need for refreshment! Fortunately the AIS has a vibrant social scene. It is the perfect opportunity for sailors to "hydrate" and tell tall stories, and for non-sailing family members to be part of the fun. Post race festivities include: Bayfield Inn and the other two points of the Bayfield Triangle (Morty’s and the Rum Line).  Bayfield offers many unique dining experiences.  And, of course, Lake Superior makes a perfect backdrop for any dock-side barbeque or house party at any time during the season.


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