Saturday, February 13, 2016



Winner for 2011:  John Sligh on Sonar #464 'Gusto'.

Congrats John!

Pictures for this year,  provided by Cheryl Schweiss

2011 Lonar pics
Da rules

Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions

Lonar Cup Race

June 7th, 2014


     1. Rules
The Lonar Cup Race will be governed by The Racing Rules of Sailing, the prescriptions of the United States Sailing Association, the Class Rules of the Sonar Fleet as modified by Fleet #5, the Sailing Instructions of the Wayzata Yacht Club (WYCSI) and by these Sailing Instructions. 

     2. Entries
To be eligible to compete in the Lonar Cup Race, a boat must be of the Sonar Class and sailed by a single person with no other people on board.

     3. Schedule of Races
The Lonar Cup Race will be held on Saturday, June 7th, 2014 in place of the 3rd Big Island Series race. There will be no regular Sonar race for multi-handed crews on the day that the Lonar Cup race is scheduled. 

     4. Racing Area
The Lonar Cup Race will take place on the Big Island Course shown in Illustration A of the WYCSI and will be subject to the courses and marks provisions of those Sailing Instructions

     5. The Start
The start for the Lonar Cup Race will be after the MORC II-III, PHRF II-III. A request will be made to the Race Officers to signal the Lonar start 6 minutes after the MORC II-III & PHRF II-III starts. This means that the Lonar start will occur 21 minutes after the initial Warning.

     6. Abandonment
The Lonar Cup race will be abandoned or postponed when the sustained gusts of wind are above 22 knots (25 mph, Force 6). Wind speed will be measured as described in the WYCSI.

     7. Prizes
A first place prize will be awarded. Participation will be recognized. Bragging rights for single-handed spinnaker jibes and other feats of derring-do will be taken by all deserving competitors.

     8. Equipment
  • No steering mechanism control device which responds to action by wind, compass bearing, electronic signal or other non-manual control is permitted. Tying the tiller down in a position is permitted.
  • Use of spinnakers is permitted except in the event that the sustained gusts of wind are above 17 knots (19 mph, Force 5). Wind speed will be measured as described in the WYCSI. This will be announced from the Race Committee Boat.

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