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J/22 For Sale, 1986 #686

J/22 For Sale  

  • Hull new awlgrip 2015 professionally done; mast and boom same
  • 2015 honda 2.3 
  • 2015 triad trailer
  • All running rigging replaced by rigger
  • 2015 north main and jib
    • The main is with slugs and a roller head with a harken drum. It's not a perfect match for a die-hard racer, but that's the way I got it.
  • Nonskid all re done
  • Teak stripped and re done
  • New tiller and extender
  • Inside repainted
  • Speed and depth and small battery
  • Bottom should be redone. Have a gallon of stripper and one qt of 2000 barrier to get someone started.
  • Previous owner paid 13k for this boat then bought the sails and the motor.

This J22 is very nice, not banged up and trashed out. Price is $10,900

Call Craig Shavlik 952-454-7440 or


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