Monday, October 16, 2017
Fleet One Membership Roster

J/22 Fleet #1 Boat Owner Roster 

Club Results Name Owners
WYC 230 Texana  Johnson
WYC 296 Annie Palmer Armour
WYC 390 Unsynchable Peter & Elizabeth McHenry
 WYC 431 Hot Flash Carol Pine
 WYC 444 Parrrley Frampton-Smith
 WYC 486 en Fuego Mike Miller
 WYC 506 H. K. Phooey Matt Johnson
 WYC 513 Dakota Paul & Suzzy Cossette
 WYC 521 Chilly Willy Foster/McDonagh
 WYC 643 College Fund Siemers
 WYC 651 Shadowfax Judy Woellner
 WYC 670 Thingamajigger Richard Tong
 WYC 692 Done Deal MN Women's Sailing Team
WYC 699 Defiance Steve Paidosh
 WYC 724 Fill or Kill Russell Swansen
WYC 810/820 Aquavit John Dyer/Georg Hansen
WYC 865 Old Skool Rod Komis
 WYC 881 The Dude  Scott & Jennifer Brigham
 WYC 963 Who's Driving Brasch/Bowers
 WYC 989 Super Lulu Puppy John, Ann and Maggie Olson
 WYC 1048 moxxie Holly Jo Anderson
 WYC 1090
 WYC 1209 USA 1209 Brent Peterson
WYC 1311 Underdog Kevin Kenny
WYC 1481 Hurricane Bar & Grill Gary Christensen

Looking to Crew on a J/22?

If you're looking for crew or want to crew on a J/22, you can send an email out on our E-mail List Server

J/22 Fleet #1 is compiling a master list of potential crew members. If you'd like to be on that list, email us.

If you're a J/22 Fleet #1 boat owner that wants access to the master potential crew list, please email the fleet captain.

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