Monday, October 16, 2017

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The undersigned agrees:

1. To comply with all of the Wayzata Yacht Club rules and regulations including those regarding use of the docks, dress, decorum and the sailing instructions.

2. His or her yacht is seaworthy and complies with all US Coast Guard safety regulations.

3. That his or her yacht complies with the US J/22 class association rules.

4. That yacht racing is an inherently dangerous activity which subjects individuals to a risk of injury, death, and disfigurement as well as damage to property and he or she releases Wayzata Yacht Club, J/22 fleet #1, their officers, employees, members and agents from any claims which he or she may now have or may have in the future for any personal injury or property damage which relates in any fashion to a Wayzata Yacht Club or J/22 fleet #1 sponsored yacht, racing event and further agrees to indemnify and hold them harmless from any similar claims, including attorney’s fees which be brought against them by the undersigned’s guests or crew members. This release does not extend to an individual boat owner to the extent of any liability insurance coverage he or she may have for such claim.

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