Monday, October 16, 2017


The J/22 fleet began on Lake Minnetonka in 1984. Pat Kabris from Wayzata Yacht Club was the interim J/Boats contact. He favored the light three- to four-person craft because of its simpler design and limited three-sail inventory. He committed to 10 boats for Lake Minnetonka.  

J/22 and J/24 sailboat designer Rod Johnstone was initiating the J/22 fleet at Stonington Harbor Yacht Club in Connecticut. Because of the aggressive growth of the fleet and WYC having Fleet #1 status for the J/24s, Johnstone conceded to the three Lake Minnetonka yacht clubs for Fleet #1 status.

In 1985, the first J/22 North American Regatta was hosted by WYC and MYC. Well attended and highly competitive, the J/22 NAs had nationally known sailors competing, including Johnstone. Having grown to 53 sailboats, J/22 Fleet #1 also hosted the 1988 J/22 NAs. That same year, J/22 racing in UMYC faded because of the drought.  

In 1995, WYC became home to the Minnesota Women’s Sailing Team, participating in the J/22 fleet. Over 30 years later, Fleet #1 is still highly competitive, fun and provides training and support to improve the fleet’s performance.

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