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J22 Fleet One Bylaws
J22 Fleet #1 – Lake Minnetonka, MN By-Laws
March 2015
J22 Fleet #1 comprised of its member clubs and sailors, races on Lake Minnetonka, MN.
These Bylaws are meant to guide J22 Fleet #1 in offering a consistent and competitive racing platform for its members.
The spirit of these by-laws will be to:
  • Provide consistent structure around Fleet # 1, race management, and regatta management
  • Help the Fleet to continue to grow and succeed, promote our member clubs, and the sport of sailing
  • Provide top quality racing as well as social and learning opportunities for all members
  • Support off-lake regatta participation by members
The rules of U.S. Sailing, the J22 International Class, and Fleet #1 and it’s member yacht clubs, shall apply, except as modified by these by-laws.
·         Voting Member:  Must be a boat owner or charterer as well as member in good standing.  A member in good standing must have current paid memberships in each of the following entities:  US Sailing, J22 USA, J22 Fleet #1, and one Fleet # 1 member yacht clubs.
·         Associate Member:  Any non-owner who pays Fleet #1 dues.  All class “regulars” are encouraged to support the Fleet and pay annual dues.
·         For the purposes of voting on the Bylaws or Elections, each boat shall be entitled to one vote and may designate a proxy.  A ballot shall be distributed to all Voting Members via email and/or in person 14 days prior to the election or voting date.  No votes will be accepted after the voting deadline as set by the fleet captain.  A simple majority shall carry the decision.  All votes shall be tabulated by the J22 Fleet #1 Captain.
·         Modifications to these by-laws may be proposed by any Voting Member and voted on at the annual meeting only.  A majority of Voting Members or their proxies must have responded to the vote to approve a change.
·         All other fleet issues shall be determined at the Fleet Captains discretion.
·         Fleet # 1 shall have (2) officers:  Fleet Captain and Treasurer. 
·         The Fleet Captain and Treasurer shall be elected according to the Elections and Voting policies.
·         The fleet Captain will appoint additional officers (i.e. social) as he or she sees fit.  He or she may also appoint delegates to facilitate the running of Fleet #1.
·         The Term of Fleet Captain shall be for two years. Elections for Fleet captain shall be held no later than the end of the Fleet Captains term.
REGATTAS & Championship
  • Fleet #1 shall host at a minimum of 2 regattas annually the Cool Cup / Icebreaker regatta, and the Evergreene Cup.
  • The Fleet will annually hold a fleet Championship. The exact dates and format will be determined by the Fleet Captain with input from the Fleet and race management officers.
  • The Fleet Captain should take major events into consideration when determining the Combined Championship schedule.  The policies and procedures for determining average scores for off-lake regatta attendance are described below.
The scoring policies of US Sailing, WYC & MYC will be used, except as modified by the following:
Average points shall be awarded to encourage off lake regatta participation.  A yacht shall be eligible to receive average points und the following circumstances:
·         Average points shall be awarded for regattas that have a stated J22 class, racing as one-design. 
·         No more than five average scores will be given to one yacht within a calendar season.
·         Average scores will count for Fleet Season Championship Series purposes only, not individual series
·         Any J22 wishing to be credited Average Points for missed races, shall notify the WYC J22 Fleet Captain or WYC J22 Fleet Scorer no later than one week prior to leaving for said event and shall request average points for the concerned races.
Average Points
  • Average points shall be calculated based on RRS A10(b).  Points equal to the average, to the nearest tenth of a point (0.05 to be rounded upward), of her points in all the races of that series (A, B, C, G, T, M & MYC Champ series) before the race in question.
  • The Fleet Captain may at his or her discretion designate races as non-championship races for certain events.
·         The Fleet will hold an annual meeting, at which all official fleet business should be conducted, preferably in February or March of each year.  The exact date, location and agenda will be set and communicated by the Fleet Captain. 

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