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Announcing Derck Amerman Cup Single / Double Handed Race - Sept 16th

Derck Amerman organized the first the Single / Double handed race at Madeline Island Yacht Club (MIYC) in 1991.  Prior to that the Apostle Island Yacht Club (AIYC) had a double-handed race since the early 1980’s.  Years ago, these events were combined.
Derck frequently sailed his boat shorthanded and was usually the first boat in the water and the last boat hauled on the Island.  Derck sailed far and wide on Lake Superior and was a past Commodore of the Great Lakes Cruising Club. All who knew him and raced against him always speak of Derck with a smile.  When Derck passed away in 2003 MIYC renamed the race the Derck Amerman Cup.  

This year, we are reintroducing it as such.  This pursuit start race will be hosted by MIYC in cooperation with Wayzata Yacht Club Apostle Island Station (WYC/AIS).  There will be Single and Double, spinnaker and non-spinnaker racing.  Prizes will be given for 1st, 2nd, 3rd for each of the four classes.  Come and join us for a great day of fall sailing!

NOR, Registration, SIs here.

Spring Series Recap
The 2017 Apostle Islands Station Spring Series is in the books. This year saw a total of 16 boats competing over the 3 day event. WYC/AIS is continuing to grow as more sailors discover the excitement and challenge of sailing in Bayfild WI.

The regatta kicked off Saturday, a lighter air day, which challenged crews to keep boats moving and rewarded tactical decisions that correctly diagnosed shifting wind conditions. Annapurna sailed to first place in the buoy fleet while Undaunted claimed first for the mid-distance fleet. Kudos as well to Impromptu, the gib and main entry, who crossed the finish line claiming first place.

On Sunday boat and crews waited patently for the rece committee to wait out thunderstorms which rolled in off a very slow moving low pressure system. The system ultimately caused cancelation of the day's racing in accordance with the sailing instructions, as yet another storm rolled over the course preventing safe participation in racing on the water.

Monday saw medium to heavy pressure from the west and great racing. Annapurna and Zig Zag each claimed first in two buoy races. Undaunted repeated first place in the single mid-distance fleet race while Impromptu again crossed the line for first in the Jib and Main fleet.

Congratulations to all who participated. Check the cumulative results for details on the final standings for the regatta.

Be sure mark your calendar for the upcoming Around the Islands off shore race and the signature WYC/AIS Bayfield Race Week. Register if you have not done so. Reach out if you are looking for a ride or need crew. If you have a boat and want to join us we encourage you to come. We'll help you get going and you'll have the time of your life.

See you all for Around the Islands and Race Week!

(photo credit; Nick DeLuca, Galatea crew)

Sea Survival Course - March 18/19

WYC will host a Sea Survival Training class on the weekend of March 18/19th.  The class will follow the WORLD SAILING OFFSHORE PERSONAL SURVIVAL COURSE curriculum, including; Principles of Survival, Personal Equipment, Preparation, Abandon Ship procedures, use of pyrotechnics, fire fighting, radio procedures, and more.  

This is an intensive course that is 16 hours in length over two days, including not less than two hours of wet drills in a swimming pool. Each participant will also receive the latest RYA Sea Survival Book. This class will teach you the essential skills to keep you, your crew mates, and the boat safe as you sail on the Great Lakes and beyond. 

Eric Hill the instructor is crew on a Royal Canada Air Force Rescue Helicopter. He is also a yacht racer and has both personal and professional experience to share with us. 

Register before 2nd February to save $50.  Early bird special price $349+tax until 2nd Feb. $399+tax thereafter. Register here:

The WYC/AIS 2017 Racing Season Starts this weekend

Welcome to 2017 racing on Lake Superior. Our boats are in the water, skippers and their crew are ready. This coming weekend's Spring Series marks the start of the 2017 racing season.

More information on the Memorial Day Weekend Spring Series racing can be found in the [Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions]. Skippers: make sure a copy of your LMPHRF makes it to Fleet Captain David Crum. Crew: make sure you ask what you can do to help. Everyone: check the updated [safety requirements]

If you are a skipper looking for crew or if you are crew looking for a ride, check the crew and boat finder page.

Join us in Bayfield for great sailing, great camaraderie and great fun to kick off 2017.

Photo: Galatea launching at Schooner Bay, courtesy of David Herring

2016 AIS Season Review

2016 was a great year for the Apostle Islands Station. Participation was up in all events demonstrating a healthy and growing fleet. In particular, participation in this year's Bayfield Race Week was spectacular, with a total of 56 boats.

Congratulations to the 2017 feet championship winners:

  * Buoy Fleet Championship 1st Place: Zig Zag
  * Mid-Distance Fleet Championship 1st Place: Galatea
  * JAM Fleet Championship 1st Place:  Mon Amie

Special congratulations to this year's Boat of the Year Zig Zag who had 3 first place series finishes including a fantastic performance in the summer series taking first place finishes in 6 of 7 races!

All who participated enjoyed a great season of competition, spectacular fun and camaraderie. 2017 promises to be another great year. Come and join us in 2017 you'll have the time of your life!

Single/Double Hander

The 2016 WYC AIS Single/Double Handed Race was held on September 10th. This year saw a grand total of 14 boats, 8 double handed and 6 single handed. The short handed crews were given a challenge with good wind out of the NNW approaching 20 knots as racers rounded the Red Cliff Buoy to port before returning back to Bayfield for the finish.

Congratulations to WYC/AIS boats Galatea for first place in the Double Handed Division and SS George Bailey for [first/second?] place in the Single Handed Division.


Complete results can be seen on Yacht Scoring

Fall Regatta

A big shout out goes to Team Celebration for winning the 2016 AD Hulings Around Madeline trophy on Saturday of Labor Day weekend.   21 boats participated in this year’s event and the classic C&C37 sailed a great race with Chewbacca (N/M 50) and Annapurna (Farr36) following up with a close 2nd and 3rd.   Congratulations team and all competitors!


Full weekend results:

Buoy Fleet:

1.      Chewbacca – Bill Peterson, N/M 50

2.      Celebration – Pete Shelquist, C&C 37

3.      ZigZag – Jim Vaudreuil, J109


Mid Distance Fleet:

1.      Texana – Dallas Johnson, Schock 35

2.      Angisina – Andy Spence-Parsons, Soverel 39

3.      Kestrel – Pia Casteline, Beneteau First 36.7


Jib & Main

1.      Impromptu – Tony Signoreli, Irwin 30

2.      Mon Amie – Mike Lamb, Tarten 35

3.      Catchun Sun – Stephen Butler, 30’ Sloop

Silver Bay Scramble 8/13

Bayfield WI - Seven yachts from the AIS fleet competed in the annual Silver Bay Scramble, with a pursuit start. Due to lack of wind in the morning we had to shorten course and moved start to Sand Island. Pete Shelquist had anticipated this possibility and had all the start time calcs ready so it wasn't a big deal.

The wind filled in and the race started out as tight reached @ around 10 knots. The most we saw all day was 15. Typical flukey stuff about 2 miles from the finish. Annapurna and Chewy did a great job of staying on Rhumbline for the one tack across the lake while the rest of us sailed higher courses to keep the boat moving in the lumpy conditions....and prayed for a nice header to get us back online. 

No Trespassing
Alyeska – DNF
Spirit – DNS

Once on shore, swimming, hiking, and hanging out on the docs kept every one busy. The social on the SB marina deck worked great. With a ton of food left over.  By 8 the next morning,   All but a couple boats were on their way back to Bayfield.

Around the Islands - Saturday 2nd July 2016

The annual Apostle the Islands race will be held on Saturday 2nd July 2016. This is a glorious 64-nautical mile race around all 21 of the Apostle Islands.  Depending on conditions you finish could be as early at late evening, or as late as the following lunchtime – don’t let that dissuade you.  Register here. 

NORRegisterSICrew Declaration

Results - Posted 7/4/16

Skippers are reminded a mandatory skipper meeting will be at the Bayfield Inn at 0800 on Saturday morning.  Your attendance is required.

Additionally, each yacht is required to turn in a completed crew declaration form at that skipper meeting. Click here for a copy

Chicago Mackinac Race 2016

Congratulations to three AIS skippers who survived epic storms to complete their first Chicago Mackinac races as boat owners. Left to Right

  • David Crum. Quintessence. 6th in Section 05. 57th Mackinac Cup Division.
  • Andy Spence-Parsons. Angisina. 6th in Section 07. 81st Chicago-Mackinac Trophy Division.
  • Charlie Schroder. Chase. 5th in J109 Section. 77th Chicago-Mackinac Trophy Division.

 Sectional Results | Divisional Results

Bayfield Race Week - 2015
Congratulations to; Chewbacca, Hobbs, Kestrel, Stawman, Goombay Smash, and Mon Amie for winning their respective fleets.  

Full results are posted here

For those who want to relive their triumphs or tantrums around the race course, Kattack generously donated their service for the event. Click here to select the race.

Doc Sam Award
Letter to my friends:

Doc Sam Award:
It can be hard to find the words to express one's thoughts on the spot for this tremendous recognition from our community. I'll try here.
Ever since my first time racing on Q with Charlie Erickson, on the Trans, I was hooked. All those years sailing with Charlie, the Bagwan, Braff, Creature, Fatty Matty, Caroline, Bill, Pat, Nancy, Dave, Charlie Brown, Scooter, Gumby, Jim, Chris, Valerie and many others on various boats from the Trans to the Macs to the Fastnet and the ARC were filled with lessons and memories. Owning Q with Dave, Steve P, Eric and Steve R was a great period for the boat and me. We took good care of her and learned a lot. The learning has continued on Chase . . . our group is awesome. As we all know, our home club, WYC, is a remarkable place nationwide for growing in this sport.
This community of ours; passionate, incredibly competent sailors, are our best friends as well as competitors. On Lake Superior, they may save your life. The intensity and complexity of the sport, the risks, the fun create memories and bonds that are more important than results and are hard to experience elsewhere.
I think that is why we are all so dedicated!
My heartfelt thanks.

Charlie Schroeder
2014 Results Summary
The Results are in!

Here is a summary of this season’s WYC-AIS races.  Congratulations to everyone and thank you for the great participation we had this year.  Our numbers continue to grow along with the variety and quality of racing.  Spread the word for next year and gear up for fun, competitive and unique racing all happening in Bayfield on beautiful Lake Superior

   Buoy Fleet Mid Distance Fleet
 Spring Series 1st Chewbacca
2nd Place Angisina
3rd Place Chase
1st Celebration
2nd Kestrel
 Summer Series  1st Chewbacca
2nd Zig Zag
3rd place Chase
1st Celebration
2nd Undaunted
3rd Texana
 Fall Series 1st Chewbacca
2nd Zig Zag
3rd Chase
1st Kestrel
2nd Texana
3rd SS George Bailey
 Frost Bite Series 1st Zig Zag
2nd Angisina
3rd Chase
1st Kestrel
2nd Celebration
3rd SS George Bailey
 Championship  1st Chewbacca
2nd Zig Zag
3rd Chase
1st Celebration
2nd Texana
3rd SS George Bailey

Bayfield Race Week 2014 Wrap-up
Bayfield Race Week 2014 showed great growth, with 48 registered boats, up from 39 last year, and the best in a long time. Boats travelled from Thunder Bay, Duluth and Houghton, as well as strong local participation.

The Mid Distance and the entry level, Jib and Main class were popular due to fewer crew requirements, more interesting courses, one race per day, and good competition.

Buoy Fleet: 10 boats
Mid-Distance A and B Fleets: 12 boats
Mid-Distance C Fleet: 10 boats
New Jib and Main Fleet: 4 boats

Racing on Monday was cancelled due to strong winds, over 40 knots at the dock! The wind died steadily over the week but recovered nicely on Friday with steady 10-13 knots.

The Around the Islands Race included 30+ knot winds, driving rain, and calm, as well as the usual, agonizing decision: stay close to the islands at the Outer Island versus go outside. The outside option paid off better! The first boats finished about midnight, with the remainder coming in until about 5:00 AM.

Around-the-Island race results
Bayfield Race Week results. 

Photo Copyright Mark Puariea - Many more great  images here 

2013 Season
Spring is around the corner, and yachts and crews are getting ready for the season, with routine maintenance, modifications, and upgrades.  Here Mike Moyle of Arbitrage takes it to extremes!  I’m sure it’ll back together in time for the spring series.


The provisional schedule is published.  Now is the perfect time to plan your racing schedule for the 2013 season.  If you've never raced before, we’re here to help boat owners find crew, and help new crew find a boat.  Email the fleet.

MW Dobson Regatta 2012

The race crews were treated to two days of glorious racing amid the splendor of the Apostle Islands in the fall.  Saturday started cold, windy, but dry.  RC set a great course starting in Bayfield, passing Basswood, Hermit, Manitou, and Oak to port, then back to town. Sunday was much brighter, with lighter winds.  Course was a quick dash around Basswood, and back to town in time for awards.  Results here.
Applefest 2012
Members of the AIS fleet joined North Coast Community Sailing to celebrate Applefest


Thanks to all who helped.  Visit North Coast Community Sailing.
Race Week 2012 Wrap-up

Another Bayfield Race Week is officially in the record books. 35 yachts, in three fleets, enjoyed five spectacular days of racing in the beautiful Apostle Islands around Bayfield. The buoy racing fleet completed nine races, while the enlarged medium distance fleets completed races each day of the week.  Complete results are here.  while replays of the races are available via Kattack here.
Around The Islands Wrap-UP
Wow. What a crazy race that was!  Solid breeze from the west all day appeared to favor those who went East of Bear Island. Nice downwind run to Outer. Then the decision: hug Michigan, sail the rum line, or head offshore. Finally, the parking lot at Grants point, where hours of advantage came and wend in minutes. To add insult to injury, the current outside of Bayfield halted progress of some until the fresh breeze kicked in around 0300 Sunday.

Congratulations to:
1st. Chewbacca
2nd Zig Zag
3rd Norther Harrier

Full results here.
Lake Superior PHRF Championships
The Thunder Bay Yacht Club is thrilled to be host the 4th, bi-annual - Lake Superior PHRF Championships!

The regatta will be held in the port of Thunder Bay on Saturday August 4th & 5th, 2012. The regatta will consist of a day of short “round-the-can” races in the big bay, and a middle - distance off-shore race the second day.

More information here - InvitationNotice of Race
1st Superior 600 Solo Challenge
2012 will be the inaugural year for the Superior 600 Challenge.  Although initially conceived as a GLSS solo event, it open to crewed boats, double-handed boats, and single-handed entries.  The course is simple, a 615 nm lap around the Lake Superior starting in one of 4 different locations.  If you think you have done it all and want to test the limits, read on.
Memorial Day 2012 Wrap-Up
The 2012 big boat season got off to a spectacular start with the Spring Series.  Congratulations to George Johns on Mokey in the Medium Distance Class, and Bill Peterson on Chewbacca in the Racing Class.

Results posted here:

Saturday featured a new Medium Distance class, and two buoy races for the racing class.  Conditions varied from 10-30 knots, with huge wind shifts.  Sunday started with a moving on-the-water tribute to David West, followed by a tricky medium distance race to Red Cliff, around Hermit and back to Bayfield.  Monday featured a light air buoy race where the first upwind turned into a spinnaker reach, and the “downwind” was anybody's guess.
New Event: Memorial Day Spring Shake Down Race.
Just Announced!
Calling all sailors!  New event just added
Register your boat and come on out for a shakedown medium distance race.  Everyone is welcome and encouraged to jump in this season warm-up.  Fly your club colors and we’ll see you on the water!

When:  Saturday, May 26
Where: Races will start near Bayfield (Look for Committee Boat) and finish at Bayfield City Dock
Cost: $25 and includes open bar at the Bayfield Inn after the race

Download the event brochure here.  The Register here:
Dave West Memorial
Hello all sailors. The fleet will pay tribute to our dearly departed Dave West during the spring series event.  The fleet will gather north of the ferry line at 10AM Sunday morning, the 27th. Kim will scatter some of Dave’s ashes in Lake Superior.  After that we’ll move to our race course for the day’s events. Following the sailors social at the Inn, the fleet is invited to the West home for food and libation.
Race Week - T-Shirt Design Contest
  • Stand out from the crowd.
  • Help design the 2012 Race Week shirt
  • Win a technical shirt
  • Earn bragging rights

Go here for more details.
Dave West

Dave West

In so many ways Dave represented the very best of what we aspire to as sailors. His zest for life, his pursuit of the next challenge, his value of friendships, his hard work and generosity, his persistence through health challenges, and his ever present ear to ear grin was an inspiration to all. You'll be missed but not forgotten.

Labor Day Weekend 2011
There are several upcoming sailing events I want you to be aware of.  On Saturday the 3rd of September is the annual “Around Madeline Island” race.  The race is sponsored by the Apostle Islands Station (AIS) of the Wayzata YC, the same organization that hosts Bayfield Race week, Around the Islands and more.  NOR Here

There are two classes for the Around Madeline Island race – Racing and Non-Spinnaker and trophies for 1-2-3 for each.  Guests can register on-line and pay $25 at .   The informal skippers meeting will be at the picnic table in front of the red brick building at the gas dock in Bayfield at 8:30 AM where sailors can register in person.  There will also be a radio call on channel 72 at 9:30 AM to repeat the course information.

The race will start somewhere in the vicinity of Bayfield and the course will be counter-clockwise around the island, taking Grant’s point buoy to port, a GPS mark on the NE end of the Island to Port, and finishing in front of Bayfield.  There will be a social and Awards event on the Deck of the Bayfield Inn (inside if weather demands) starting shortly after the last boat finishes.

There are more races on Sunday and Monday of Labor Day weekend and guestS are welcome to join for $25/race.
Bayfield Race Week - Wrap-up
The word tropical is not often used to describe the conditions during Bayfield Race Week. 2011 was an exception, with five glorious days of sunshine and warm temperatures. The light winds and fickle breeze provided a challenge to all of the crews. Congratulations to the winners. Complete results here:

Special thanks to our event sponsors. Summit Brewing, Mount Gay Rum, Superior Yacht Sales, Donalee Designs, Superior Charters, The Pier, Maggies, Living Adventure, Rum Line, Reed Realty, UKH Superior, Boreal Shore, The Egg Toss, Washburn Marina, Apostle Islands Marina, Wild By Nature Café, Big Water Coffee, North Sails.

Click here for more event photos from Dallas Johnson

Around the Islands Race 2011

The 2011 edition of The Around the Islands race broke all previous records, with the first boat being home shortly after 18:30, and all boats home before 23:00. Unheard of!  Congratulations to all the crews who were treated to long and fast jib reaches up to Devils Island and along the back side of Madeline.  Complete results posted here:
Spring Series
The season got off to a slow start over the Memorial Day Spring Series event, with light winds on Saturday, even lighter winds in Sunday, and a spectacular thunderstorm on Monday. 

Congratulations to Jim and the ZigZag crew for first place. Special thanks to Charlie (Chase) for hosting a wonderful evening on Sunday.

Full results at:
Let the Season Begin
The season is finally upon us. This weekend saw a flurry of racer related activity. Chewy was due to be splashed and stepped, Jim was planning to put ZigZag in, Angisina was due to deliver from Superior but postponed due to the forecast, and it looks like Chase has a super smooth hull, although we're not sure about those extra appendages!  

Anyway, the schedule is up, registration is open, and racing begins at 1100 on 5/28, we look forward to seeing you there.
Bayfield Cup - Sept 2010

Congratulations to Perry King and the crew of Angisina for their 4th and 1st place finishes which combined made them the winner of the Bayfield Cup.  The Bayfield Cup was held on September 25 & 26 and consisted of one medium distance race each day.

1 Angisina
2 Zig Zag
3 Chase
4 Chewbacca
5 Celebration
6 Quintessence


18th Annual Madeline Island Cup - RESULTS

Overall Winner    
1. Galadriel - Tom Bickner
Racing Class    
1. Chippewa - Dave West
2. Integrity - Mike LaBore
3. Voyageur - Mike Spence
Cruising Class    
1. Galadriel - Tom Bickner
2. Tide is Right - Tom Lux
3. Escape - Kenny Good

Congratulations to all those who made it around the Madeline Island Cup course in what was probably a record time.  The exciting first reach to Grants Point will probably become legendary; more keel exposure per mile that ought to be possible.  Best quote heard at “church” recalling the incident: “…..for the love of god, will someone please ease something. Anything!”  Also heard on the course………”There’s a green monster on my keel.”  I’m sure there were other memorable quotes. 

Bayfield Race Week 2010

Congratulations to the winning skippers and crews for the 2010 edition of Bayfield Race Week.

Cruising (PHRF - 13 Boats)
1. Redhawk
2. Ilmatar
3. Scot-Free

Fleet A (PHRF - 10 Boats)
1. Chippewa
2. Chewbacca
3. Papa Gaucho II
Fleet B (PHRF - 6 Boats)
1. Byrr
2. Pennycress
3. Strawman

Fleet C (PHRF - 4 Boats)
1. key of Sea
2. Allegro
3. Bebop

Complete Results available here:

A record number of participants enjoyed five days of spectacular buoy racing in predominantly light wind conditions, where boat speed and clean air was key. The competitive spirit extended to the shore side shenanigans including: blow boat racing, condom racing, and the ever popular quarter-horse racing.

Special thanks to the exceptional Race Committee (Bert, Pete, Shaggy, Corrie), and the event sponsors including: The Bayfield Inn, Bodin Fisheries, Boreal Shores Kayaking, Ethel’s at 250, Living Adventure, Maggies, Morty’s, Mount Gay, North Coast Community Sailing, Pier Plaza, The Rum Line, Superior Charters, UK Halsey, and Wild by Nature.

Spring Series – Memorial Day Weekend

The first AIS event of the 2010 season is complete, with congratulations to the top three boats: ZigZag, Chewbacca, Chippewa.  Full Results from WYC here

For the first time in many years, nine boats lined up on the start line, including the newest boat in the fleet; J109 Chase, and Ride visiting from Duluth.

Crews were treated to three days typical Bayfield weather, with light and variable conditions, especially on Monday afternoon, where the downwind leg turned into a beat, the upwind was a reach, and the roundings were chaos!

2010 LSYA Offshore Series Results

Congratulations to Dave West and the Chippewa crew for winning the 2010 LSYA Offshore series: 1, 10, 1, 1, 3, [10]. Honourable mentions to Chewbacca and Chase.

Full results:

LSYA Around the Islands

Congratulations to the 1,2,3: Chewbacca, Papa Gaucho, Northern Harrier, for a blisteringly quick Around the Islands Race. 

The downwind start in moderate pressure, the run towards Red Cliff and the spin reach to Devils Island were picture perfect. Then most of the fleet fell into the parking lot at Devils, where they were eaten alive by the dreaded horse flies!  After the sea breeze filled in, many of the fleet enjoyed a blistering jib reach to Outer, followed by a beat to Grants, and an exciting downwind run to the finish off the town dock in Bayfield.  Shenanigans continued on shore at the Inn!

Complete results and standings:

Maintenance Mayhem

The air around Bayfield is filled with the faint aroma winch grease, VC13 dust, and the crinkle of new sails as AIS skippers and crew prepare their vessels for the upcoming racing season that starts over the Memorial Day weekend.  Come and be part of the excitement.


Chewy does well in the Chi-Mac

Congratulations to the crew of Chewbacca for an excellent Chicago Mac.  4th place in section 2, and 12 place overall in the Mackinac Cup. Full Results.

The Q has left the trailer.

Notice anything missing?  Yep. That’s right.  After more than three-and-a-half years on the hard, Quintessence is in the water once again. 

Congratulations to Dave Crum and all who helped restore the mighty Q to sea worthy condition. AIS racers look forward to seeing you on the start line again.

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