Saturday, June 24, 2017
Boats Looking for Crew

If you are boat looking for crew, send an email to: He'll copy/paste your information below.  Crew will be encouraged to make direct contact with you.  Be as explicit about your needs and the level of experience you expect. If you want your name/details removed, then email again.

Mark Dobie - "Semper Gumby" - Ultimate 20
Contact: 7155585090 -
Positions Needed: All Positions
Experience Desired: Intermediate
Comments: Need one crew person. Prefer Sport boat experience.

Crew Looking for a Ride

If you are crew looking for a ride, send an email to: He'll copy/paste your information below.  Owners will be encouraged to make direct contact.  Be as explicit about your experience.  If you want your name/details removed, then email again.


Blake Bissell - seeking ATI crew position

4 Years of Racing experience on Lake Superior have done a few ATI's and haven't missed a weekend or race week since I started up there. Experience on many different boats. I also sail A scows on white bear so have some sport boat experience. 

Only looking for a ride for ATI have the rest of race week figured out. 

Contact me at or 6512367356


Crew position wanted for Around The Islands
I’m an experienced crew member that can do any position on the boat. I sail most races at Wayzata and Apostle Island. Normally I race on Undaunted for Bayfield races but for this ATI the boat will stay in the slip.
It doesn’t matter if you’re a competitive program or you just started racing.
If you need crew for ATI please let me know and we can discuss details.
Pontus deVerdier
cell: 952-212-6795

Daniel Dimond - 403.870.9152 -
Position: Foredeck,Mast,Pit,Sewer,Grinder,Jib Trimmer,Main Trimmer,Tactician
Experience: Intermediate
Comments: 3 seasons club racing on various boats. Happy to work any position and comfortable in all. Bringing my own boat to Bayfield for the week to live aboard and would appreciate the opportunity to meet some new folks and sail on a new boat or two. Am fit, strong, ready to work and have fun.

Hello my name is Bridger Foster and I am a member of the sea scouts.  I am a 16 year old local.
I would enjoy racing during race week. I have no racing experience however I have a year of recreational sailing on 50 and 20 foot boats.

-Bridger Foster -

Good Day

I would enjoy the opportunity to race on a boat In Bayfield . I grew up sailing in Bayfield in the early 70's. I have owned and raced MC scows, Lasers,Hobie Cats and boats 30-50 feet and more. I live in MPLs and would drive up for the races. My brother Steven Meyer lives in Ashland so I would be able to stay with him between races on the weekend. I would love to get back into the Sailing Community. 

I also work for Delta Airlines so once I was placed on a boat and you wanted race outside Bayfield I would be able to fly anywhere to be your crew. 


Thank you 



I live in the Twin Cities but have a cottage on Madeline Island.  I am back an forth all summer and can race weekends or week days (I am no longer working). I can easily ride the ferry over to Bayfield to get on a boat.

For a number of years I owned and raced an MC scow on Lake Herriet (I no longer own it or sail scows). I have crewed on big boats off New England and have sailed a handful of times around the Apostles.   In the summer of '16, I crewed on the "Tuesday,"
 an S2 7.9 meter yacht, in various Wayzata Yacht Club races

Ned Hancock
Twin Cities: 952-920-0908
Madeline Island: 715-747-2102


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